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»  All Pro Dad
  Fireworks Splice HTML
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»  Dads & Daughters: resources & support for fathers of girls
  Dads and Daughters an education/advocacy nonprofit providing tools to strengthen father-daughter relationships & transform cultural messages that value girls more for how they look than who they are.
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»  Dads Can Building Father Involvement
  Dads Can promotes responsible and involved fathering by supporting men's personal development into fatherhood and healthy fathering patterns in our society. We believe that every child deserves a committed, loving, responsible father who is involved with
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»  Diploma Show Redirection
  Nonprofit in Singapore, affiliated with WWW sites to support fathers who desire to 'make a difference' in their children's lives.
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»  Father's Fraternity
  Enter a brief description of your site here.
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»  Fathers Direct - The National Information Centre on Fatherhood
  UK charity exists to support the welfare of children by the positive and active involvement of fathers and male carers in their lives. Sections include discussion boards, advice on books for Dads, toys, and a place for professionals working with fathers.
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»  Fathers Network Welcome to the Fathers Network
  Provides support and resources for fathers and families of children with chronic illness and developmental disabilities.
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»  Home Page - The Center for Successful Fathering
  Research based, tested and proven effective curriculum for parent educators to get and keep dads involved with their children.
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»  Illinois Fatherhood Initiative:Home
  The mission of the Illinois Fatherhood Initiative is to end father absence by connecting Children and fathers and promote responsible fatherhood by equipping men to be better fathers and father figures.
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»  Institute for Responsible Fatherhood & Family Revitalization- Mission
  Non-profit organization encouraging fathers to become more involved in the lives of their children. The national organization was based on a model program established in Cleveland, OH.
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