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»  Children's Rights Council
  National non-profit organization that works to assure children meaningful and continuing contact with both their parents and extended family, regardless of the parents' marital status.
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»  EPIC - Every Person Influences Children
  Provides help to parents, teachers, and members of the community raise children to become responsible adults.
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»  Family First
  Family First strengthens the family through programs such as the Family Minute with Mark Merrill, All Pro Dad and numerous free resources on parenting, fatherhood, marriage and family life.
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»  Film Festivals;Family Movie Reviews;Best for kids;Videos, DVDs, Audio, TV and CD-ROMs;KIDS FIRST!;Resource for quality children's entertainment;non-violent;parent approved;tested;ratings;recommended
  The Coalition for Quality Childrens Media (CQCM) and the KIDS FIRST program evaluates and rates videos, DVDs, films, CD-ROMs and television for kids. National Neighborhood Film Festivals. Family Movie Reviews.
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»  Home
  Information and resources about parenting in the Napa Valley. Offers events, meetings and school readiness.
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»  KidsPeace - Home
  KidsPeace, kidspeace, kidsPeace, kids peace, Kids Peace, Kids, Children, Adolescence, Adolescent, Parents, Teens, Teenagers, KidsPeace HelpLine, Telephone counseling, School Crisis Services, At-risk students, Counseling, Mental health, Mental health care
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»  National Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families - NPNFF
  Build the profession of practitioners working to increase the responsible involvement of fathers in the lives of their children. News, history and upcoming events.
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»  Natural Parenting resources, skills, courses and camps
  Creative Parenting offers information and support to all adults and children through a unique holistic approach dedicated to enhancement of potential and well being.
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»  New Parents Network
  A non-profit organization providing weekly multi-lingual parenting tips, PSA's for radio, TV, newspapers, and kiosk software reaching low-income families in clinics.
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»  NJPC -About Us
  A resource site. Discusses issues, lists events, includes a newsletter in English, Spanish, and Chinese, and has family support job listings.
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